Trouble: Review



In this dazzling debut novel, a pregnant teen learns the meaning of friendship—from the boy who pretends to be her baby’s father.

When the entire high school finds out that Hannah Shepard is pregnant via her ex-best friend, she has a full-on meltdown in her backyard. The one witness (besides the rest of the world): Aaron Tyler, a transfer student and the only boy who doesn’t seem to want to get into Hannah’s pants. Confused and scared, Hannah needs someone to be on her side. Wishing to make up for his own past mistakes, Aaron does the unthinkable and offers to pretend to be the father of Hannah’s unborn baby. Even more unbelievable, Hannah hears herself saying “yes.”

Told in alternating perspectives between Hannah and Aaron, Trouble is the story of two teenagers helping each other to move forward in the wake of tragedy and devastating choices. As you read about their year of loss, regret, and hope, you’ll remember your first, real best friend—and how they were like a first love.  (Goodreads)


It’s too much to be forgiven when all you want is to be blamed.


Review: So to begin, let it be known that I’ve been in a reading slump, mostly I just don’t have that much time these days. *throws pity party about college life* I needed a light read to get me back into it. Naturally I asked, Why not  a book on teen pregnancy?? Truthfully, the sperm cover spoke to me…


The plot itself was a bit outlandish… Just a little? I don’t know any parents that would let their son pretend to be someone’s baby daddy. But aside from that…It was cute, charming, and most of the time frustrating…which is understandable for this type of YA book. High school characters will most likely be immature assholes, making each others lives miserable. The author had that down to a T. Speaking of the author..Non Pratt is British, so there’s a plethora of foreign slang for my non Brits… Luckily one of my best friends is from the “Land of Kings and Queens”, so that aspect was bloody brilliant!

You cant lose someone who was never there in the first place.

Happy Reading!


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